Friday, March 20, 2015


Well I finally have something in common with our Commander in Chief, The Big Kahuna, The Prez, Mr. POTUS himself.

We've picked the same NCAA Basketball Tournament bracket. And we're tied. Precisely.  We're in the 72.9% percentile of  winning brackets, which is tantamount to 37th places losers.  Our rank? 3,131,506.

I feel so proud.  Hail to the Chief.

Thursday, March 19, 2015


We're not even more than a few hours into the NCAA Men's Tournament, and already a couple of huge upsets, with UAB eliminating heavily favored Iowa State, 60-59, and Georgia State  winning by a single point as well, bumping off 3rd seed Baylor, 57-56.  Even Notre Dame barely escaped with a wine against Northeaster, 69-65.Yeah, my bracket is likely ruined (I had  Baylor going to the Elite 8, so there ya go), but that's why this is the best sports tournament on earth.  Upset City can happen at any moment.  Wow.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


You know what this is. It's the universally recognizable symbol for college basketball insanity. It's the symbol for dogged research by late-comer college basketball afficionados (like me) to fill out countless numbers of brackets on countless websites, office pools and other friendly gambling venues to see whose powers of prediction reign supreme.

Well I'm in the mood to win this year and I've officially lost track of how many brackets I've filled out so far. But here's my ESPN entry:

How does yours compare?

The Madness is here!