Thursday, May 7, 2009


I may have found my new favorite beer. Two months ago I tasted my first Sieera Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA when it finally made it to central NJ, and it just blew me away. It pours a tall, cloud-like head, deep copper misty color, and the nose: citrusy, slightly piney, floral, sweet, ripe grapefruit aromas. The first sip plows a ton of hops into your mouth, all green and herby-spicy, and then the beer slips over your tongue like mist through your fingers. Beyond a (overused cliche, especially by me) silky finish. A spectacular beer.

This beer has quickly become one of the darlings of the beer world, highly praised in Beer Advocate magazine and elsewhere (like our weekly beer chat the No Bull Inn, on , and it's become damn hard to find. After my initial six-pack purchase, I haven't been able to find it anywhere in these parts (my local Wegman's in Princeton, which contains a wine and beer store, told me that they went through TEN CASES of Torpedo in two days). Yesterday on a whim, I wandered into Landmark Liquors in the Capitol Plaza on Olden Ave. in deeply Polish/Slavic/Russian North Trenton and discovered among the stacks of Polish, Lithuanian, Estonian, Ukranian and Russian beers (and if you're into them, this store is the Mother Lode), two ignored sixers resting atop a large pile of SN Pale Ale. Score! And the best surprise was the price: $7.26 a six. My lucky day.

Really, no matter what you drink beer-wise, FIND THIS BEER. Thank me later.


okbrewer said...

Torpedo quickly became one of my favorites as well! I have a couple bottles but I need to buy more!

---Guy said...

Any chance you could bring a bottle to share at the crawfish event? It might seal my deal.

Rich said...

..Said the man who owns a brewery! Of course I will!

Susan said...

Finally catching up on your blog, and found this post... Oh my Richie, I didn't know about Torpedo. If you say it's hard to find, I'll never find any down here. I might need your help on this one.
Slipping over your tongue like mist through your fingers...? I love it when you talk like that!