Friday, June 5, 2009

How Cool Is THIS?

In Thursday's Philly Inquirer, Elisa Ludwig follows a gang of local mixologists, including dear friend and Mistress Bartendrix Katie Loeb on a trip to the Liquid Lab in the Bronx, where the Philly visitors get to play with "Liquid Chef" Junior Merino. It all starts to sound so serious, with the Philly barkeeps in white lab coats and all, but you know that had one hell of a good time. And Katie, always good for some good copy in the local media, got the best quotes!

Katie is helping to open up the much-anticipated Oyster House in Philly this week. Can't wait to see what she is planning for oyster shooters and cocktails and the beer selection there!
(photo courtesy of S. Wirtz)

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