Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ben & Sophie's Excellent Pre-School Adventure

I had been quite undecided about what to do regarding the twins' pre-school education. Here in Lawrenceville, the choices for the average family range broadly, from very limited public school classes for about 36 children to outrageous gouging by ultra-exclusive private schools (one actually sent an elaborate packet of information that proposed extensive interviews for the kids, psychological and aptitude testing, and an insane $22,000 price tag--per child! For PRE-school!

Every school around here has a waiting list or lottery for pre-school, including my church's elementary school. Ben and Sophie have been sitting on several waiting lists since February. As Spring and then Summer rushed by, there was no progresss or movement on any front. Then in June, Ben was lotteried into the Lawrence Township's public school pre-school program. But not Sophie.

For the rest of the summer, I wrestled with the prospect of having to separate the twins for the sake of some kind of relevant education. It was more than a bit nerve-wracking. No slots opening up through any means anywhere. And then on Spetember 2, the call came in that Sophie had jumped 13 slots up the waiting list for a remaining spot in the township's pre-school program. I guess prayers are answered.

Friday, September 4 was their first day of pre-school, and I've never seen two kids more excited about anything. And these kids get excited over popcorn.

I met their teacher, Ms. Poli (above, center) and her teacher's aide, Ms. Kaminski, and they seem energized and more than capable of matching Ben and Sophie's energy and enthusiasm for everything, as well as the energy of the 16 other kids in the class.
Waking up very early is new to the twins, but they seem to be adjusting. Sophie was ridiculoulsy excited and anxious to get to the school, but she looked like a little zombie that first day. Ben was all giggles and squeaks.
After just a few days, I've been told that Ben has an amazing memory, and Sophie is always eager to help in whatever work has to be done. Not a bad start, I'd say.

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