Monday, May 23, 2011

Farm Time

I've been waiting to write this sentence for weeks: The Honey Brook Organic Farm's season has begun!

Yesterday was our first farm share day of the season, and it was a small but rich bounty: 2 lbs of almost flawless arugula, 4 lbs of beautiful baby spinach, two big bunches of scarlet radishes. And, ankle deep in mud, the kids picked three quarts of intensely red ripe strawberries. Big, juicy strawberries. Yes, a strawberry-spinach salad with sliced almonds and an onion-poppy vinaigrette is in our future.

Also snagged some fresh oregano and tall, flat chives from the herb fields at the farm. Some of the oregano was tossed with grape tomatoes, garbanzos and olive oil for a quick salad for last night's dinner. Some of the chives were tossed with sliced potatoes and onions and olive oil and stir-grilled for dinner as well.

And this is just the beginning. The farm share season has begun!

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Syllogism said...

Rick- great to hear what you got from you CSA. Anchor Run gave me some wonderful raddishes too, along with some kale, romaine, and mizuna. Please keep us posted on interesting cooking!