Friday, June 22, 2012

The Mom and Pop

I've met a lot of successful small business people in my day, and I'll bet they held this belief in one form or another as they operated their business.  The above statement comes from Louie Desiato, chef/owner/winemaker of Mamma D's restaurant and winery in Pipersville, PA, whom I had the pleasure of interviewing last week for an article I'm working on.  Louie is the textbook definition of ebullient, and the embodiment of the tirelessly ambitious entrepreneur.

He runs one hell of a terrific Italian restaurant (get the meatball sliders and the gnocchi) and winery and is now venturing into the world of hard cider making.  And like everything he does, he seems to pour his heart and soul into it, and he makes one HELL of a cider.

Louie posted the above on his Facebook page, and I felt compelled to share it. Makes you want to visit his place every week. You should.

Fratelli Desiato Vineyards
 Mamma D's Restaurant 
6637 Easton Road 
Pipersville, PA 

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