Thursday, September 13, 2012


I thought a lot about what to cover when I returned to blogging after an over 2 months absence. A vacation in the US Virgin Islands with the kids that included the impeccable beaches of St John?  Beers for my birthday at the St John's Brewers brewpub, the only decent brewpub in the Caribbean? Visiting the oldest active synagogue in the Western Hemisphere on St Thomas of all places?? Swimming all summer with the kids in the sweltering heat?  My ever expanding list of ailments and afflictions? I have to admit, none of that got my journalistic juices flowing.

But this week's haul from the Honey Brook Organic Farm caught my attention. The photo above shows you just the tomato portion of this week's share. That's 47 POUNDS of tomatoes in huge baskets and bowls on my kitchen counter, the single largest take-home of tomatoes we've had in the 7 years we've belonged to the Farm. In the foreground are two bowls of just heirloom varieties, in shades of green, purple, yellow, orange and dark pink. The background bowl and basket hold 30 lobs of "regular" and sauce tomatoes.

Yes, there will be ample amounts of insalata caprese  served at Casa Lawrenceville this week and next.and gallons of  fresh tomato sauce to be made.  And I suspect there will tons more tomatoes still to be shared in the coming weeks.

I better get to work. First up: some stuffed red peppers with fresh tomato sauce for dinner!

It's good to be back.

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