Saturday, March 23, 2013

Down In Flames

I promised myself this year that I would low-key my March Madness brackets activity, and for the most part, I have.  I've entered 9 different bracket challenges this, contest with all sorts of prizes and awards. But after Thursday's and Friday's stunning upsets, there isn't going to me that much to talk about.

My brackets are in ruins.

But so are most of America's. Who would have EVER picked Harvard to upset New Mexico so stunningly? Or Wichita State to stomp all over Pittsburgh? Ole Miss taking out Wisconsin? Or Florida Gulf Coast University blowing the doors off Georgetown?  C'mon now. Nobody saw these coming.

So enjoy the Cinderellas and the Big Boys and see who's gonna topple another basketball icon.  You know they'll be a few more. You just know it.

As for me, I'm gonn na sxee how Far Temple and Lasalle can take themselves this year. I've got a good feeling about Lasalle. Even though I picked them to lose from the beginning.

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