Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Coupla  weeks back I was privaleged to be a guest on the international radio phenomenon, "Time Out With Phillip Silverstone" which airs around the world on TuneIn radio. I've known Phillip for almost 30 years now, and our paths have crossed so many times at food and wine and other social events we've both lost track.

His online bio goes  a little like this: 

In the latter part of the 1990's Phillip realized many of his lifelong ambitions, reached circuitously through the world of wine and food. He became a syndicated TV and radio wine commentator, author and columnist, writing and hosting his award winning daily radio features "Wining About The Good Life" and his twice Emmy nominated PBS TV vignettes "One On Wine with Phillip Silverstone".

Phillip's column "Wining About The Good Life" is published in weekly newspaper syndication and in magazines, and his book "Cheers! The World of a Wine-osaur" is still available on Amazon. He hosts his very popular “Wine-tertainment” parties for groups of 12-300 in the US and the UK and Phillip organizes wine and food events for the hospitality industry.

Phillip produces and hosts “Time Out With Phillip Silverstone” a weekly two-hour entertainment and lifestyle podcast heard exclusively on TuneIn radio anytime and anywhere worldwide either on the free TuneIn app for all smart phones and tablets (Search: Phillip Silverstone) or online on Tunein at: http://bit.ly/1gY2Ht4.

So we had some recorded fun, Phillip, wine archaeologist/aficionado Jill Weber and me, and now you can hear about the beers we tasted and the stories we told, on the latest edition of "Time Out With Phillip Silverstone".  Let me know what you think!


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