Friday, May 13, 2016


Here in Lawrenceville, the school district has just informed parents that Donald Trump's May 19 appearance at the National Guard Armory on Eggerts Crossing Road will bring increased activity and traffic at around the same time as many children are leaving Lawrence Intermediate School across the street. 

This fundraiser for Trump's chubby Sancho Panza, Chris Christie, and the NJ Republican party, will bring countless TV trucks, TV and radio reporters and gawkers from all over the state and will  bring "congestion in the area" says the school district's gently worded announcement. 

That's an understatement.  Eggert's Crossing Road is a very busy two lane road. Traffic to the Armory will be thick for a couple of hours before the anticipated start of the Trump "rally". 

On top of that, Trump's arrival will strangle activity travel to and from  the seven baseball, softball and soccer fields at Central Park, also across from the Armory, as kids, parents and coaches all attempt to get to games and practices scheduled for that day.It's the height of Little League baseball season here in Lawrenceville. Thank God my son doesn't have anything scheduled there tthat day.

In case people need reminding, Trump and Christie are showing the electorate just how insensitive, self absorbed and tone deaf they really are when it comes to the average American, and especially children, whose lives they will be disrupting on Thursday. All this rudeness is taking place to help PAY OFF CHRISTIE'S CAMPAIGN DEBTS and raise money for the NJ Republican party. As with most Republicans, this is all about them and not about us. 

And if you ever wanted a preview of things to come in a Trump presidency, Thursday will be it---Trump's first financial bailout of one of his friends. 


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