Sunday, January 11, 2009

One Guy!

Our beer buddy Guy Hagner, one of the core group of regulars in our Friday night beer chats on (11:30PM EST, the No Bull Inn chat room, you know the drill by now...) started up a really small brewery last year in Berwick, PA (328 West Front St., Berwick, 18603); so small is this brewery that he cleverly christened it One Guy Brewing.

For a long time it's just been him, brewing great beers (some of which you can even find in beer-centric bars in nearby Wilkes-Barre and even in Philly, at places like Earth, Bread and Brewery and the Grey Lodge Pub!) and serving up drafts and hot dogs in the brewery's small tap room on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. It's BYOF otherwise at One Guy, and he has a bunch of menus from nearby places if you get hungry. But a lot of us are hoping that Guy will succumb to one of his passions (no, not the Amish women one) and expand the menu at One Guy a bit.

One thing you need to know about Guy: not only is he one serious, finicky and talented brewer, he is a man after my own heart; he is a pizza fanatic. Not only has he traveled far and wide to try any and all of the great and famous pizzas up and down the East coast, but he is an equally serious home pizzaiolo. He's sourced San Marzanos and extra virgin olive oils from obscure importers to make his tomato sauce and he's experimented with various flours, playing and tweaking in his home kitchen in search of that perfect pie. Well, not too long ago, after a few NBI beers one Friday night, he let it slip that he snatched up a Blodgett commercial pizza oven on Ebay (see above), so that someday....
Well, knowing Guy, we all urged him to get that oven hooked up and to start making pizza at One Guy. We all know it's an itch he needs to scratch.

Last night Guy sent out a 3-part e-mail teaser , with pictures, to let us know that, perhaps, maybe, who knows....Guy is testing the waters, er pizza stones:

Guy's finished product speaks for itself:
Business is good, apparently, at One Guy Brewing; he actually has an assistant helping him in the brewery to keep up with the demand for his beer, and here's hoping he'll be adding some kitchen help to help make what should surely be some damn fine pizza.

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Susan said...

Thanks RP, and congrats One Guy. I must add One Guy Brewing to the list of places to go the next time I visit PA.