Friday, February 13, 2009

ESQUIRE Blows Breakfast Spots in Philly

Are you kidding me?

The latest ESQUIRE Mag is out, and once again, the Philly restaurant scene is given pretty short shrift. This issue's compilation showcases great breakfast spots across the country, and all Philly gets is a recipe from chef Steven Petrecca of Jones restaurant for "Eggs in Tomato Sauce," a miniscule photo reference for La Colombe's Corsica blend coffee, and a wierd, unappetizing description of a "Cypriot breakfast" from a new restaurant, Kanella, at 10th and Spruce. Only one problem, Esquire: Kanella doesn't serve breakfast.

Are you telling me that Francine Maroukian and the other Esquire writers, who compiled the piece, were not impressed by the Melrose Diner, Morning Glory, Honey's, Parc, even Carman's Country Kitchen (Carman does leave an impression with you....)??

I'm really amazed that the mag couldn't find a single spot to represent the city's breakfast culture. I think Esquire may have been the victim of an overzealous PR person, or worse, a totally clueless local "source". Sheesh.

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