Sunday, March 22, 2009

Beer and Food Pairings, Part 2

Adding to my initial post here regarding beer and food pairings (where all the fun is, IMHO), some really inspired pairings from a relatively new poster on, Rick Martin, in the Beer Forum there; I'm actually itching to try several of them today:

Unibrau Trois Pistoles and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale and Sushi

Imperial IPAs and Aged Sharp Cheddar

Lindemann's Pomme Lambic and Chicken Liver Pate

Imperial Stout with a salad of Arugula, American Blue Cheese, Figs, and Balsamic reduction

Saison DuPont and New York Style Pizza

Berlinerweisse and Egg on Toast

Any IPA and White Cheddar Cheezits

And a couple of newly discovered ones by yours truly that you've gotta try:

Sierra Nevada Torpedo and spicy Sechuan Hot Pot

Anchor Bock and Amish sourdough pretzels (Benzel's Pennysticks Hard Sourdough pretzels are my new favorite)

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Jeff said...

For your first one, try a good sour beer with chocolate. What's available for purchase depends on where you live but a good combo would be:
Duchesse de Bourgogne with Patric Chocolate.