Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bracketology, Pt. 2

Now we're sinking like a stone. And ironically doing better.

So far, with just the North Carolina-Oklahoma game winner to be determined (NC is ahead at the half, 32-23), all of my Final Four picks have gone down to defeat; no Memphis, no Pittsburgh, and sweet Jesus, no Louisville! And of course I picked THEM to win it all. Living in the Philadelphia area, I'm happy for Villanova, but I only now wish I'd picked them!

In the twist of irony that assures me that many many others have far far worse brackets than mine, my ranking and winning percentage on bracket contest has actually improved dramatically:

Rich Pawlak's MasterBlast

PTS 740

PCT(%) 63.41%

RNK 1694254

PPR 80

Prior to last night's games, I had been in the middle of the pack (with over 5.5 MILLION people playing's's bracket contest, with a winning percentage below 50%. Go figger. President Obama is doing even worse, nearly in 3 millionth place in the pack, with a 35.5% winning percentage. We had virtually the same Final Four picks, save one, and that is the very winner of the remaining game. He picked Carolina for the final slot, and to win it all. I've picked Oklahoma. Fingers crossed. OU is down by 12 as I write this.

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