Wednesday, April 29, 2009

PA Pilsners Rule in the Times!

Just finished reading Eric Asimov's Beers of the Times article in today's NY Times, and for this article he and his hand-selected panel (no Lew Bryson this time? He LOVES the pilsner!) sampled 18 pilsners. And Pennsylvania brands really dominated: Victory Prima Pils garnered their top rating, following closely by Penn Kaiser, Troegs Sunshine, and few slots down, Sly Fox Pikeland Pils and Stoudt's Pils. Congrats to all!

I generally enjoy Asimov's Wines of The Times articles in the Thursday Dining section of the Times, but for this article, the reader has to endure 6 paragraphs of bitching about the beers offered at the new Citi Field (Mets) and the new Yankee Stadium. And like any comparison between those teams and the Phillies, the stadiums also fall WAY short in what they serve suds-wise. $9 for a PBR?!?!?!


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