Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our Goodbye to Gary

I was going to write something about Gary Bredbenner's funeral yesterday, his obituary in the Daily News, skillfully penned by John Morrison, and our small wake for him at One Guy Brewing after the burial, but Lew Bryson wrote a poignant piece on his blog, Seen Through a Glass, and quite frankly, I couldn't have said it better if I wrote for a month. This is why I admire Lew Bryson and his writing so much.

We're planning a Philly memorial service for Gary at the Grey Lodge Pub in August, so stayed tuned for the details.

Godspeed, Gary.


Susan said...

Both you and Lew write about him so well. I've been looking since I got the news for my pictures from Friday the Firkinteenth (August 13, 2004). There are a couple of pics with him and me in them, and I would feel privileged to post them on Facebook or somewhere. I even looked on eGullet, but I think both you and I posted pics in the old "user posted" mode back then, rather than through ImageGullet or whatever it's called, so they are wiped out. If you happen to save all your old pics, let me know if you find those.
Sounds like the funeral and all the tributes were great. I wish I could come up to the Grey Lodge Pub in August when you have the memorial service. Five years later it would be...

Rich said...

I would love it if you could send the pics you have, so that I can perhaps display them at the memorial service at the Grey Lodge.