Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Under the Volcano

I'm a huge fan of Trader Joe's coffees. Pound for pound, they might be the greatest coffee bargains out there. Sealed in vacuum-packed cans, the whole bean coffees there are as good as any beans I've bought anywhere, including Philly's La Colombe and Portland, OR's Stumptown Roasters.

For a few years now, I've been buying Trader Joe's Bay Blend, an "ultra roasted" bean blend that replicates the generally darker roasts of Seattle and Portland; their Peaberry blend, an unusually tart/sweet roast; and the store's French Roast, which reminds me of La Colombe's Nizza blend.

But Trader Joe's has come out with new blend and it's pretty spectacular. VOLCANO is produced at a family-owned plantation on the slopes of Guatamala's Aqua Volcano. The roast is a bit smoky, strong, and yet sweet in the finish, thanks to some creamy Brazilian beans blended at the end of the roasting. The can claims that this is TJ's "darkest roast ever."

It's also their best. Well worth trying.


Jack Curtin said...

Although I usually do the right thing and buy locally (Kimberton Roasters), I must admit you've got my attention for at least a one shot purchase. I most often make espresso and need dark, strong coffee. I assume this would fit the bill?

Rich said...

Indeed it will. It's a dark and stormy night of a coffee, likely perfect for the expresso. If I Kimberton near me, I'd use 'em too, bu the TJ stuff is just so ridiculously inexpensive. I'll look forward to your reaction.