Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pizza Dreaming,,The Downside of Surfing the Web

On so many cabin-fever-inspired days in February, the mind tends to wander. With the pouring rain and sleet half-melting the ugly mounds of snow in and around Lawrenceville, I reluctantly started to surf the web (I was actually babysitting two repairmen in my kitchen who were resurfacing my Corian countertops). I tend to obsess about pizza, and lately, making lots of it at home, I'm looking for inspiration and nuggets of knowledge.

Woe is me. I stumbled upon a website about pizza from Naples.. But not just pizza from Naples. but a listing of the 10 Best Pizzerias in Naples (and therefore the 10 Best in The World). Join me now for a few sighs and read about Vera PIzza Napoletana.

Ok, I'm starting up my Cuisinart stand mixer.....

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