Saturday, February 13, 2010


Took the kids out for some sledding on Thursday.

The sky was amazingly clear and blue, the winds were sporadic but strong when they blew, and the hill we chose, less than a block away from the house, and next to Lawrence High School's football field, was a pristine steep slope of white. It was tricky, a little treacherous and pretty exhausting, especially after the driveway and sidewalks were shoveled out. But damn, it was fun to discover how crazy and reckless my kids really are. Ben is the speed freak, while Sophie is the serious optimist, hurtling down a steep slope and hoping for the best.

I just tried to stay out of the way while I shot some photos with my Blackjack.


mattanasi said...

Bet you had lots of fun, we got dumped on too but not as much as you, I"ll try to send you some of our pics

Rich said...

Man, I've SEEN some of your snow--YOW! You've gotten slammed WAY more than we have, as my friend Bob in OKC keeps reminding me.