Thursday, April 1, 2010


It's true. Trust me. And I couldn't be happier. Finally, a writing gig I can stay interested in for more than a few months. Inquirer Food Editor Maureen Fitzgerald broke the news to me yesterday for release today.
My original idea for the column's name was "Pizza, Pizza!", but Fitzgerald informed me that the title would have to change. "Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!" will be the name, and it will help us avoid any confusion and trademark infringement with the Little Caesar's chain of pizza parlors headquartered in Detroit, MI (remember when they were all around Philly? God, I miss those little squares of yumminess...).
BTW, the photo above is a slice of sausage pie from SLICE at 18th & Sansom, Good stuff. No foolin'.
So wish me luck. It will be a tough task seeking out the best and brightest pizzas in Philly. But somebody's gotta do it. And it's gonna be me! I'm so happy I could scream! Or burst. Or something.


Susan said...

Awesome! It's perfect for you and you're perfect for it. Nice job.

Rich ~~~~~~ said...

Please check the date of the post Suzie Q and re-read the story too.

HungryChic said...

Good thing I read the comments - I was about to broadcast it on Facebook. Haha. BTW, The Omnivore should have a facebook fan page!

Rich ~~~~~~ said...

I did post this April Fool story on Facebook twice, and at least 7 friends fell for it, including my own sister!