Thursday, August 5, 2010

By At Least Half a Foot

I've been privileged and cursed to read some horrible reviews of restaurants over the years. Sometimes I had to actually edit them for publication, God help me. Articles so awful, spiteful and/or clueless that they were ironically funny, entertaining stuff. However this week's restaurant review from Philadelphia's weekly South Philly Review maybe the all-time champ.

The writer, a grizzled veteran food writer of a certain self-importance, has trumped anything she has ever written with this inspired screed on the brand new restaurant ADSUM.



Anonymous said...


Thanks for posting that;)

I've been to adsum twice.
Loved the sweetbreads.
Loved the service.
Loved the whole thing.

I'll refrain from saying anything negative about the piece- I'll just think it.

RICH said...

Then why post anonymously?