Tuesday, November 25, 2008


My dear friend Diane returned from Ithaca NY recently and brought me back a sixer of Ithaca Beer Co.'s CASCAZILLA, which they describe as a "Monstrously Hoppy Red Ale", but folks, it is SO much more: lots of dense, grapefruity Cascades, and surprise!--- a beefy malt prescence that prevents the teeth-grinding bitterness of most overhopped beers and gives CASCAZILLA a nice clean finish.

The pour: a really bright red-orange color, billowy clouds of foam atop the pint glass and a sharp, tart grove of grapefruit trees in the nose. I know Ithaca's beers are now available in PA, and I'm gonna be heading over the border to search some out soon. I've enjoyed their Brown Ale in the past, so I hope I can find a few Ithacas to bring home to Jersey.

And I also notice that CASCAZILLA is currently on tap at my favorite Philly bar (and my all-time favorite bar period) the Grey Lodge Public House (6235 Frankford Ave., http://www.greylodge.com/). Even a better excuse to get to PA over the weekend!

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