Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Day Postscript

Well, we survived the cooking for Thanksgiving pretty much without a hitch, thanks to some prep work the night before. Neighbor Will made side dishes: creamed spinach, sweet potato casserole, steamed winter veggies, spicy shrimp with veggies, and they were all superb. But his real talent is baking. Desserts were light, moist carrot cake with buttercream icing, oreo cookie cake, banana cream pie, and lemon merengue pie. We brought pumpkin pie just to make it traditional (Will is a Chinese Canadian, and really tries to get the whole Turkey Day thing).
And yes, this year's Beaujolais Nouveau went exceptionally well with this year's feast, with big, round, jammy fruit, and earthy, viney accents in every slurp. Damn good wine for the holidays.

So how was yours?


Anonymous said...

Hi & Season's Greetings,
Mine was good, thank you for asking! My Delaware family and I enjoyed a not-so-traditional dinner at my cousin's house in Slower Lower. It was centered around a main course of crab imperial.
Speaking of the Nouveau, I like it this year better than the past two or three as well (was it really back in 2002 that it was actually good?). Speaking of beer, I'll give SNCA a try, just for you Richie so I can give you feedback. And speaking of food, I had a string of cravings for Delaware, all of which were satisfied while I was there: Oysters, scrapple, oysters, crab, oysters, a Casapulla's sub, oysters, Grotto pizza, and some oysters among other things. If you ever make it to Rehoboth again, try Fins. Food, wine, and beer all good there. Their raw bar selection of oysters is awesome. My brother and I went mainly for Chincoteague oysters, but I also got a sampler of six different kinds, to supplement my dozen Chincoteague oysters. That was the appetizer.
The oyster shooter was delicious, but I like to sip, to prolong the enjoyment. SO, I am going to turn it into a Martini glass at home, making it proper to sip.
Are you sorry yet you asked how it was? :)
Love your new blog, and looking forward to following it...

Rich Pawlak said...

Thanks , SuzieQ, and I wish I knew you were in Delaware!! Bout time you've seen the twins!

I find that BN, like soem seasonal beers, can vary widely from year to year. And we're not exactly talking about serious wine, it's just fun holiday season plonk, but I sense a greater depth of flavor in this year's Beaujolais juice, so that portends well for 20008 vintages of Beaujolais.