Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Dinner

How I got roped into this one, I'll never know, but rotator cuff surgery on the Queen (I'll get to her later) is keeping us home this holiday, only the second time I've not been with my Mom, and my sister's and/or brother's family. Bummer. Somehow staying home has now morphed into a combined dinner with neighbors Anna and Will and their 3 kids, and our friends Mike and Judy; a bunch of lost souls making do, I guess.
So in the division of labor, here's what I've been tasked to make:

Sausage stuffing
Gluten-free stuffing
Mashed potatoes
Eye round of beef
Red wine sauce for beef
Stir-fried brussels sprouts and bacon
Cranberries with orange zest

Will, a terrific cook and baker, is making side dishes, veggies and sweet potatoes, I think, and baking pies. And they are hosting the dinner.

God help me. I'll be bringing LOTS of Beajolais Nouveau.
Happy Thanksgiving!


Michelle/Jersey Shore said...

Happy Thanksgiving !!!
I make Sausage stuffing too !!!
I love this web site of yours , great job !
Have a very happy and blessed Day .. I know you will be busy but you enjoy cooking like me .
Back to the kitchen for me .. I have 15 coming at 2..
kiss Ben and Sophie
Luv Ya

okbrewer said...

What happened? We held dinner until 5:00 and you and the kids didn't show up! And I cooked all day today and part of yesterday! Here's what I made: 2 sweet potato pies, 1 pecan pie, homemade rolls, turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, mashed sweet tater casserole, stir fried fresh green beans and bacon, cauliflower casserole, PA style stuffing, gravy, fruit salad, cranberry relish, smoked salmon appetizer. All for just 8 of us! So we have mucho leftovers even after everyone took a doggy-bag home! You missed out! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Bob R in OKC

okbrewer said...

Oh! And I did finally find some Beajolais Nouveau, so that is what we served with dinner!

Bob R in OKC

Rich Pawlak said...

We TRIED, Bob, oh how we tried, but the gods did not look kindly on our plight. You clearly made uch more than I did for T-giving, but you also dint have two 3 yr olds underfoot and a Queen to minster to, either.

Rich Pawlak said...

So howd you like the BN? It was the highlight of dinner for me this year, just a perfect match with the broad spectrum of flavors on the table yesterday

Lew Bryson said...

I feel SO bad that we... we... got a Thanksgiving dinner at Wegman's. It was just a one-time thing, and family events made it a necessary evil, but I felt like I let myself down. That said, it was pretty good for a store-bought; and the buffala taleggio I picked up was delish.