Wednesday, December 24, 2008


These first few weeks of my blog have been amazing, and the response and feedback I've gotten have been the best Xmas presents I could have ever hoped for.

I wish for you a great holiday, friends and family, warmth and comfort and lotsa laughs under the tree, under the covers, and, of course in the kitchen and at the table.



okbrewer said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS, RP! Hope you have a great Christmas! See ya on Friday at NBI!

Bob R in OKC

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Richie, and to everyone reading this! There's not a lot going on under the covers here these days, but other than that Life is Good and I am using this day as another Thanksgiving Day -- giving thanks for all the blessings I have. Michael and Kathleen are in Japan together, having their first Christmas as a married couple. That makes me very happy.
I'm looking forward to reading about everyone's holiday food and drink and time with family & friends. Enjoy!

Rich Pawlak said...

Thanks, Suzie Q and Bobbo, I really appreciate the good vibes being sent our way. It's been an interesting year. You've gotta join us in the NBi on Frioday, Suzie and have few with us! And we have to fix that "under the covers" deficit as quickly as possible.