Saturday, December 20, 2008

Carrots in my Beer

Finally got to have a Philadelphia Brewing Co. Rowhouse Red, during a quick holiday stop into McGillin's Old Ale House in center city Philly. Veteran bartender John Doyle, dressed in a Santa suit and just bombarded with banter from the crowd at the bar, served me up my pint, and I tried to forget something that beer writer Lew Bryson said in our previous night's beer chat in the No Bull Inn (, 11:30PM EST Fridays), namely that he thought Rowhouse Red tasted like carrots!
Well it only took one sip, and, unfortunately, I have to agree with him. Carrots aplenty. And no matter how many sips I had, that flavor note stayed on my palate. Power of suggestion? Maybe, but not likely. I've enjoyed PBC's Kenzsiger and Newbold IPA, and I really like the folks at PBC, but what's with the carrots in Rowhouse Red???

A quick half glass of water (my constant companion when enjoying a good brew in a bar), and I had Doyle pour me a Penn St Nikolas . Ah Christmas!

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