Friday, March 19, 2010


What an ugly day for some of us who love the Bracketology. Down in flames went my Thursday picks of Georgetown, Notre Dame, Marquette, UTEP, San Diego State, Richmond, Vanderbilt and Texas. And Villanova almost went down with them.
Maybe the worst first day I've had filling out the brackets since I began following the March Madness.
But that is exactly what makes the NCAA Mens' Basketball playoffs so irresistable. David vs. Goliath. Low seed vs. high seed. Buzzer beaters. That's why even after this debacle, I'll watch or listen to as many games as I can every day they play.

By the way, I was able to find President Obama's actual, handwritten completed 2010 bracket, and so far, he's done pretty well. On ESPN's Tournament Challenge, he's ranked 149,238 with a winning percentage of 96.7%.
I'm somewhere in the deep 4 million ranking. Ugh.

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