Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tacos of the Gods. Honest.

I lucked into a quick visit to Center City Philly on Friday for a haircut at Liquid. Coincidentally I read on Twitter that just a few blocks away the legendary Honest Tom's truck was moving from their usual location on 33rd St. on the Drexel Univ. campus, and setting up operations on Fridays at 18th & Vine, near the Logan Circle fountain, and appropriately serving just fish tacos next to the Basilica of Sts. Peter & Paul for the meatless Fridays that folks like me observe during the Lenten season. Hence, a no-brainer.

Oh my. What tacos. Simple, yet so much more. Two small flour tortillas. Hunks of griddled fish, tangles of shredded lettuce and red cabbage and maybe jicama, some pineapple and tomato, squirt of hot sauce. Etherial. As good or better than any I've sampled at the famous stands around San Diego, CA.
Airy light, yet surprisingly substantial. And I bet I could down a dozen of these easily. I now know what people have been raving about. Definitely a destination feed. And you can follow them on Twitter, if you so choose @HonestToms and on Facebook at Honest Tom's Taco Shop.
Killer stuff!

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