Monday, March 22, 2010

Sweet and Sour Sixteen

Well, by now almost everyone's March Madness brackets are in shambles. Except for the secretary in your office pool that picked her brackets using team names she liked.
According to ESPN, only .2 of one percent of the participants in their Bracket Challenge have Northern Iowa in the Sweet 16 and beyond, and they are most assuredly NI boosters or students. But you saw that upset coming a mile away, didn't you? Of course you did.

Cornell mowing down first Temple then Wisconsin, the first Ivy league team in the Sweet 16 in 31 years, when my alma mater, Penn, swept into the Final 4 for my senior year, the year of Magic Johnson (Michigan State) and Larry Bird (Indiana State) and Keven McDonald (Who?? He was Penn's star forward that year.). Butler hangs in there this year, tough as Bulldogs, as does St. Mary's, more than ready for their more than 15 minutes of fame.

At this point, with 16 teams left in the NCAA Mens Basketball Championship, there are so many likeable Davids AND Goliaths. Love to watch Cornell's aerial attack as much as Michigan State's grittiness, as much as John Wall doing anything for Kentucky, and as much as that quiet big man for St. Mary's, Omar Samhan.

But I'm tired of the Dukes and Kentuckys and Syracuses and Michigan States year after year. It's time to follow some new kids.

I'm watching Cornell.

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okbrewer said...

If you want to watch Cornell more than once more you better record the next game. Kentucky is going all the way!