Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Perfect Pairs, A Good But Incomplete List

The Brewers Association has just produced a pretty comprehensive list of Beer and Food Pairings, the kind of thing I always enjoy reading, but frustratingly, it's a tad incomplete. Hell, it's more than a tad incomplete.

Now this list has a lot of the usual suspects (and an inordinate amount of barbecue pairings), and I would imagine that it serves a beer novice pretty well. It also has a nice column devoted to just cheese pairings. But it still seems incomplete somehow. Maybe I'm just expecting too much.

It's missing a few beer styles (Saison, anyone? Or is it just classified in a way that I don't understand?), and some terrific, obvious food pairings, some of which I've written about previously here.

If you know me only slightly well, you know I live for beer and food pairings. It's an almost endless labor of love for me.

Did they leave off any of your favorite beer-food pairings? Let 'em fly here.

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